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Helen Keller was deaf and blind. Children like to drink fruit juice. They know him. We were starting to worry you wouldn't make it in time. Ole is waiting for you in the conference room. I lived with Rupert and Irvin for three years. We will be back tonight. It is from advertising that a newspaper earns most of its profits. What a big dog that is!

We can't stop them. Could somebody please answer me? The Star Festival is in July. The ocean was choppy because of the storm. Which sport do you most enjoy watching? It all felt good. And for what? I'm sure you know what I mean. How many times has Japan hosted the Olympics?

I will call for it tomorrow. I can't speak French at all. He never thinks about him. That album reminds me of the school happy days. The Great Wall of China is over 5,500 miles long. Blake jumped out of a moving car. He's busy with his homework now.

I didn't know you liked baseball. If you feel there are several possible translations, note that for the same sentence, you can add several translations in the same language. Listen carefully and do exactly what I tell you. Jeffrey is Mahmoud's stepsister. Martin is always worrying about things that don't really matter all that much. Varda is busy all the time. She fooled him.

Legendary American singer Lou Reed has died at the age of seventy-one. Sedat drinks about three liters of water a day. We found out that the house is infested with garter snakes. They're everywhere. Yeah, a little. Lex didn't seem to be at all interested in Maarten's explanation about what had happened. Jerald never forgot to do his homework. I've shut all six windows. Have you heard Wes speaking French?

Max was just helping me out. God exists, but he forgot the password. All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure. She majors in medicine.

I have been having to piss since I left the house. I thought we were going to crash. Will you excuse me for just one minute?

Starbuck is in a wheelchair. In the winter, many older people slip on ice and fall down. I'm on the roof.

Please give me two hot dogs with mustard and ketchup. Sidney and Vincent are on their honeymoon. This all adds up to one thing. Do you think Donnie is going to do it? He forgot to bring his homework, so he got detention. I refrain from drinking.

What were they waiting for? We made just one tiny little mistake. I was about to leave when the phone rang. Your veins contain water. Tell Don I'm on my way. Pontus tried to persuade Trey not to leave. If I had it all to do over again, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm not as agile as I used to be. It's an obviously bad example. Are you a good golfer?

In a recession, people usually only buy what they really need, like food. What else did you throw away? I know you'll enjoy this. I held Gypsy's hand. He works hardest in his class. I won't play games with you.

I need to check on them. You are invited to take part in the community work days at the place of your residence and work. The sunset glows in the west. He works even late at night. That voter, Glynn Johnson, turned out to be a Democrat. There is a glass sculpture in the garden. She tried to smile in vain. The boy rowing the boat is a friend of mine.

I'm going to Izu over the weekend. Bucky fired first. The pride of New York is its museums. What do you think's causing the problem? Matthias may be a genius.

We sat in the front. She stood on the deck with her long hair waving in the wind. We always work together.

That is my favorite song!